What Are Different Types of Football Bet?

Football is an international sport because it is one of the most viewed sports worldwide. The 2022 December World Cup had around 4 billion views. More than half of the world’s population watched the whole event due to their vast influence. There are several football bets that you can make on matches, such as full match results.

The full-match result is one of the most common betting gamblers often use. It results from a 90-minute game, whether a team will win, draw, or lose. All you have to do is predict the game’s score, on link sbobet whether they will win or lose.

Types Of Football Bets

If you are new to the realm of football betting, then you might need proper knowledge of the most popular type of betting.

1.     Full-Time Result

one of the most used betting by gamblers is the full-time result. All you have to do is predict the WLD win, lose or draw for a team. If you can predict, write about the team you are going to bet you will most likely win the game. For example, match of PSG versus Bayern Munich on 14th February 2023, if you have predicted PSG to win, then you might get wrong because Bayern Munich scored one goal and made PSG lose the game.

2.     Total Goals (Under or Over)

Playing this type of bet, you have to predict the score and what would be the total score after the game. You can expect whatever you want, whether the team is going to score above three or below 3. It is a standard example. You can place your bet according to your interest. Usually, the bet is at least 2.5 on average. But many variations also have 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5.

3.     Correct Score

Predicting this type of scoreline is one of the most challenging things, but better users prefer it more than anything due to the thrill of making this kind of. If you are a regular football viewer, then you might always predict the accurate score.

For instance, if you are losing a bet for a team on their home ground, then they are most likely to win the game. Watching games regularly makes you familiar with their gameplay, and you can predict a good score.

4.     Half Time and Full Time

It is the same as the correct score, but you must predict the halftime and full-time scores. All you have to do is predict a score that our team is going to perform before halftime. After that, you also must predict the score of full-time. You must make your prediction right in order to win the game.


These are a few types of football bets that you can place without having any problems. Football betting is significantly more straightforward because it does not require any kind of specialised rule to play these games. It would be best if you watched football games regularly to predict the right score for your favourite team.

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