Bitcoin Cash Pre-Release Update

Update on Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

An update to the exchange has been released in preparation for listing a Bitcoin Cash trading pair.

Currently all accounts will show a zero BCH balance. Accounts that held a Bitcoin core balance on the date of the Bitcoin Cash fork will be credited with a BCH balance shortly before a BTC/BCH trading pair goes live.

The amount of BCH funds credited to accounts will be very slightly less than the amount of BTC funds held in accounts at the time of the fork. The difference was a 0.7% dependency as at the time of the conversion there was a small amount of bitcoin in flight we were unable to claim the cash component for and we have simply averaged the amount claimed across all accounts.

Bitcoin Cash direct deposits and withdraws will likely not be available until a later date after the trading pair is released. However Normal Bitcoin transactions will always be available.

NZBCX Ltd. - New Zealand bitcoin Exchange - Posted 2018-06-08